Silver Baby Rattle

Newborn Baby Girl

Your best friend is having a Baby and you can’t wait to hold the little treasure?!!

Or maybe a colleague at work became a father, and you have decided to congratulate them with a very special gift?!!

You can’t show up empty-handed!!!

Searching, hoping to find a unique gift…

Baby Suits

By popularity, the most common gift for a Newborn Baby is child’s suit and a Baby Rattle

Most likely there will be a fortunate amount of suits gifted. And what are the chances a Baby can to fit in them before they are too small?

With many Rattles with unique sizes and styles, and bright colors continuously offered for each one…

A Silver Baby Rattle symbolizes the epitome of a perfect gift that is cherished for a lifetime

A classic gift for a Newborn or a grandchild. Ready to impress the parents! Present even a new heirloom to create wonderful memories. Let’s go over the many fine details of our Silver Baby Rattle.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

Bacteria and Silver Ion

One of the best things about silver it’s anti-bacterial properties. We all know that kids tend to love to lick or suck anything that they get hold off. The good news that with Silver Baby Rattle you do not have to worry about your kid getting sick as it will never be a source of bacterial infection.

Teething Help  

Baby with Silver Teething Ring

Silver is a metal. When we touch any metal, it delivers a cool like feeling. So as another common fact Babies do have a tendency to put everything in their mouth. Silver Baby Rattle is made of metal, which provides a refreshing feeling in the mouth of your child. When it is teething, light chill from Silver Baby Rattle will soothe kid’s gums.

No Allergies

No Allergy Sign

One of five Babies develops allergies when exposed to plastic materials. Most of the Rattles out there are made of plastics which can cause an allergic reaction to children. However, with the Silver Baby Rattle, it is plastic free, and you are assured that your kid will not develop an allergic reaction.

No Harmful Risk  

Broken Plastic Rattle

Before picking out a Baby’s toy, you should consider the possibility of causing harm to your child.  We tend to pay attention to the presence of sharp edges and parts. The great news about Silver Baby Rattle is that it does not contain anything that can hurt or scratch the delicate skin of the Baby. Plastic Rattles tend to break so easily!!!!! This may be both uneconomically and hazardous!!!  Your Baby may tend to try to swallow the small pieces when they break.

Environmental Friendly

Ecofriendly Sign

It is a Baby Rattle that is fully made of 100% eco-friendly material!!! SAFE for the environment.

Good Night Sleep

Sleeping Baby

It is a common belief that Baby Silver Rattle can drive away bad dreams… and your child will have one of the most peaceful and enjoyable nights.



If you have been to the kids' toy store, you have notice that most of the Baby Rattles tend to a have a typical (monotone) sound. This “music” may irritate the child, and kids get bored easily. Presenting a gift which provides a different sound that enjoyable to the child will be pleasing. Silver Baby Rattle produce a unique and lovely melodious sound which kind of interesting to hear. With this gift, your child will get to enjoy great musical harmony.

Shape & Color

Plastic Baby Rattles

Buy a Baby Rattle”, sounds simple enough… Isn’t it?  However, when it comes to actual purchase you will be faced with a difficult decision to make as all of them come with different shapes and colors… As a result, you have a “rainbow mess” in your head. Silver Baby Rattle is created with eye catching details, with shimmer and shine that is bound to catch anyone’s attention.


Silver Baby Rattle

Options are wonderful! We offer a Silver Baby Rattle of two basic styles. A scepter (vertical mount) or a ring-shaped rattle. Each style has different designs to choose from.


Dollar Sign

Remember!!!! We are talking about Baby Rattle made of precious metal and NOT cheap plastic. In that case, the price is one of the things you should take into consideration. The cost of Silver Baby Rattle is variable and depends on few factors:

The amount of material used (weight)

Hallmark of silver (the higher - the more expensive)

Technology & Design (enamel, filigree, engraving, etc.)

Although it may seem high at first, it worth every dime spent.

So if you want to get something extraordinary, adorable and outstanding you should definitely BUY a Silver Baby Rattle.