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Kids Stud Earrings

Children are active and playful, a fact that doesn't always mesh with wearing delicate jewelry. Thankfully, there's a timeless design that looks fantastic on babies, toddlers, and small children alike - one that won't come loose or catch on clothing or hair: kids stud earrings. These clever pieces of jewelry for your child are well-suited to their active lifestyle, staying on firmly with a lightweight style that they likely won't even notice is there.

Girls Stud Earrings as Gifts

Beautiful 14k gold stud earrings make the perfect gift for both expectant and new mothers planning on piercing their little girl's ears. Not only are they a precious and valuable gift that her little one can wear for baby pictures, holidays, and at her first birthday, they'll grow with her, as well. In fact, beautiful gold stud earrings for kids can typically be worn from the time a little girl is still a newborn all the way to celebrations as a young lady. Their simple design makes them ideal for matching with different party clothes and dresses, which means they're perfect as an "add on" gift to a pretty new outfit.

Is your daughter, granddaughter, or niece a little older? Imagine your little girl's delight as she pulls the bow away from a beautiful little jewelry box, discovering a pair of "big girl" earrings inside! She'll love that they look just like her mother's, sized perfectly and comfortably for her smaller earlobes. Buying kids stud earrings is important for safety and comfort; even smaller adult-sized studs feature longer posts that could poke and irritate the neck, or fall out and become lost. Choosing a design made especially for children is a smart choice when buying pure gold earrings. After all, when making such a thoughtful purchase, you don't want a bad fit to cost them their new pair of lovely gold studs.

  • If gift-giving, mention that your selected earrings are pure gold, and thus safe for piercing.
  • Consider tucking them into another gift, such as a small jewelry box, for an extra surprise.
  • Pairs with safety backings make the best present, both in fashion and piece of mind.
  • Can't choose? Getting several styles is a truly luxurious gift they'll never forget!

Baby Stud Earrings & Care

Ear piercing for infants is common and popular, and it's in the baby's best interest to have it done well. That means finding a top-notch piercer to do the procedure, and relying on hypoallergenic metals for baby's first earrings as well. Alloys, plating, electroplating, and metallic paint may look similar at a glance, but in reality they will irritate baby's sensitive skin and might even cause an infection in newly-pierced ears!

Doctors recommend that any parents considering piercing their child's ears use pure gold or pure silver earrings for the "piercing pair;" they will be left in for approximately 4 to 6 weeks, so it's important the earring material is safe for your child's health. Gold will not tarnish, rust, or flake, even when exposed to water, making it an ideal choice for baby studs.

When getting your child's ears pierced:

  • Ask your piercer if you can provide a pair of pure gold studs as baby's first pair of earrings.
  • Remember to gently rotate the studs at least once a day until healing is complete.
  • Dab the backs with a soft, dry cloth after bathing to keep the healing piercing clean.
  • Select a style of childrens stud earrings that come with safety backing.
  • Pick up a few pretty pairs of earrings to change out once the piercings are fully healed.

Are Gold Stud Earrings for Babies Safe?

Earrings for babies and toddlers have been used throughout history and worldwide, making them one of the most popular accessories for newborns, toddlers, and young girls alike. Babies can safely wear earrings as long as their piercings are performed by a professional, and their earrings are sized and fit specifically for infants. On infant earrings, the posts are shorter than adult styles and the stud itself is smaller as well.

Larger, longer earrings can cause injuries in little babies, as they often don't have much neck control and lean heavily on their ears. Stick to 14k gold studs for babies for the best results - these are the correct length and size, and don't have dangling accents or hoops that could become caught or tangled in baby's toys.

Avoid Sibling Rivalry

When bringing a new baby girl home, an older sister might feel a little jealous over all the attention the baby is getting. When you purchase a pair of beautiful gold studs for your newborn daughter, why not pick up a pair for her sister as well? Not only will both your children look beautiful in those first precious photos together, you'll be affirming to your older child that you want to delight them just as much as their younger counterpart.

Affordable gold studs for children are also an excellent holiday present; you can give a pair to each daughter, granddaughter, or niece while still staying in budget. They'll appreciate the fine jewelry, you'll appreciate the high quality bargain, and your gift-giving record will be as golden as the earrings twinkling so beautifully from their delicate little ears.

Gold studs for kids are easy for "Santa" to keep secret, as well - tucked in the back of a drawer or in a carry-on suitcase coming home for the holidays, they'll be genuinely surprised at the big reveal as they open their jewelry peeking!

If you've been racking your brain for a new, wonderful holiday present, "lend an ear" to the benefits of pure gold earrings for children: hypoallergenic, enduring, and absolutely beautiful no matter where they wear them. If you want to dazzle and delight young children, premium gold earrings are one of the best ways to give a gift they'll actually wear - and love - every single day.