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Children’s silver necklace

A delicate silver necklace, as beautiful and luminous as your precious child, is the perfect everyday accessory or gift for a little one. Made of beautiful, durable sterling silver, these chains blend well with clothes of every color, and come in a variety of unique shapes and styles to suit every little fashion model in the making.

What Silver Necklace Should I Buy for My Child?

Much like the fashion accessories "grown ups" wear, picking the right silver necklace means keeping your child's individuality in mind. Are they kind and affectionate, quick to give a hug to their loved ones? A beautifully looped "Love" word necklace would be ideal. Smart and inquisitive? A dainty owl pendant on your kids' silver necklace isn't just appropriate, it's also on-trend with many modern children’s clothing patterns. Perhaps your baby girl is enamored of a certain snowflake-powered animated princess - a girls' silver snowflake necklace would make her feel like a princess too.

If you're stumped as to what symbol your child would cherish on a necklace, keep an eye on their favorite toys, movies, books, and games - chances are you'll spot a theme you can use to find a sensational silver necklace. Additionally, you can tie your chosen symbol in to another part of the gift - a silver elephant charm necklace for kids, for example, pairs up perfectly with a children's book about elephants.

How Do I Care for a Children's Silver Necklace?

Once you've found a great design, present it as a gift in a beautiful jewelry box. Your little girl will love her new "treasure" and is sure to be eager to wear it. Show her how to safely store it in the box and where to put the box away when she isn't wearing it or is getting ready to go to bed. Explain that it's best to remove the necklace before doing things like taking a shower or going swimming - though silver is durable, these activities can dim the beautiful polish that sterling silver is so well known for.

Beautiful silver necklaces for girls are a gift that can help teach gratitude, responsibility, and fashion sense, even if your daughter or gift recipient is still young. For an extra-special gift, enclose a polishing cloth to help her keep her new, lovely silver necklace bright and shiny, as well as free of tarnish. Skin oils, soaps, lotions, and perfumes can dull the shine of silver over time, so an occasional polishing is excellent for keeping her silver necklace looking just like new.

When Should I Give Silver Necklaces for Kids?

Silver necklaces for kids are a particularly suitable gift for nearly any occasion. From her first birthday celebration to milestones like a lost tooth, the first day of school, a sparkling silver chain or pendant combination will commemorate her special day forever. Best of all, she can continue wearing it as she grows older by adding a chain extender or transferring the pendant to a longer chain. This way, your thoughtful gift will continue to delight her many years after you present it. In fact, if she keeps her silver necklace safe, she can even pass your lovely present on to her daughters as an adult.

Some special symbols, such as the blue and white "nazar" eye and the outstretched "hamsa" hand, are said to be symbols of good luck, protection, and prosperity. That makes them particularly suitable for giving to new parents, along with wishes for their child to grow strong, healthy, and happy. When your niece, granddaughter, or friend's baby girl wears these protective symbols, her family will always be reminded of your well-wishes. Additionally, these timeless symbols are always fashionable, making them a great accessory even if the family doesn't necessarily believe in luck symbol jewelry for children.

Silver necklaces for baby girls, toddlers, and children are excellent gifts that can be worn every day, making them a better choice than items like shoes, clothes, or hats that will be quickly outgrown. For an age-appropriate and charming gift selection, look to kids' silver chains to dazzle not only the eyes of a child, but those of their grateful parents as well.