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Children's Sterling Silver Earrings

A beloved child is a perfect, beautiful treasure all by themselves, but, as any little girl will tell you, dressing up is always fun. Finding the right jewelry for children can be challenging, but there are new and exciting choices if you know where to look! Sterling silver earrings for children are a timeless choice, the perfect accessory for the busy, play-filled life of the little one (or ones!) you hold dear. These dainty sterling silver stud earrings for little girls come in a variety of fun, modern shapes that they'll not only love today, but years in the future as well.

Why Choose Sterling Silver Earrings for Girls?

Those on the hunt for a perfect pair of kids' earrings have likely seen some variation of plastic or alloy versions, but just as you would check toys for potentially harmful materials, choosing safe earrings for kids means shopping smart. True sterling silver is hypoallergenic, which means it is skin safe and free from the nickel and nickel-containing alloys found in cheap earrings. Even when plated with precious metals, kids earrings that aren't solid, genuine sterling silver can cause rashes, redness, and irritation on sensitive little earlobes. Always buy your childrens' sterling silver earrings from a reputable jewelry provider that can verify they're genuine sterling silver. The style of stud earrings you select should be marked with a .925 stamp, marketed, and sold as sterling - anything else, and you'll be risking your child experiencing a nickel allergy.

Which Sterling Silver Stud Earrings for Girls Should I Choose?

Just as you would think of their favorite colors or hobbies when buying toys or clothes, think about the personality of your little one.

  • Is she cheerful and playful? A pair of glittering butterflies or beautifully-jeweled little hearts would make her smile.
  • Does she love being pampered and loved by her friends and family? Tiny crowns will make her feel just like a beautiful princess.
  • Does she love going to church with her family? Beautifully-detailed crosses let her show her faith in style.
  • Is she fun-loving and happy? Sweet novelty shapes like dolphins or cherries are the perfect accessory to accentuate her style.

If there's no clear "winner" for earring styles, don't worry - sterling silver kids' earrings are affordable enough that you can select several pairs and let her change, mix, and match to her hearts' content. Imagine her excitement when she opens your thoughtful gift box to discover a whole "wardrobe" of earrings to choose from!

Are Sterling Silver Earrings for Children a Good Gift?

Jewelry for children is an excellent gift because it never goes out of style or loses value, unlike fad-based toys and games. A sparkling pair of silver stud earrings will look just as lovely in ten years as they do today, as they'll easily grow with your child. While the designs and posts are sized for little earlobes now, they'll fit throughout childhood and beyond, so they'll never "grow out" of the pair you choose. In fact, with proper care and storage, she'll be able to pass them down to her own child someday!

Before giving a pair of sterling silver earring studs to a friend or loved ones' child, you'll want to make sure that their ears are either currently pierced, or will be soon. In fact, if your gift recipient is slated to get her ears pierced in the near future, you can offer your pair to her parents, who can then ask the piercer if they're suitable for her first pair. Because sterling is nickel-free, in many cases they can be used for the piercing itself, making your beautiful present the first pair she'll wear and admire. If another "piercing pair" is being used, ask her parents when her earlobes will be healed enough to change out for a new pair, and offer your gift then - she'll love trying on a new set.

When Should I Give Sterling Silver Earrings for Children?

For young girls that get their ears pierced after birth, as opposed to a piercing as an infant, wearing earrings becomes a fun little milestone of growing up. Giving a pair of beautiful sterling silver studs just before or just after a piercing is a great choice, as is gift-giving on holidays and birthdays. If she receives a great report card from school or graduates from an organization or grade, this is another fantastic opportunity to dazzle her with a pair of charming studs. For an extra-special treat, offer them to her just before the event so that she can show them off:

  • As she walks across the stage at her school for a presentation.
  • When she performs in a recital for music or dance.
  • When she accepts a kindergarten or grade school diploma.
  • When she has to give a book report or read aloud to her class.

Because they are sized for little ears, having a special box or place to keep her earrings will be helpful. Make a jewelry box or velvet presentation box part of your present and she'll always know where her favorite pair of earrings are. If your gift recipient is a family member or a child you anticipate seeing often as she grows, make her jewelry box part of an annual gift: sneak a new, beautiful pair of sterling silver earrings into it each year before her birthday or a holiday. She'll love the surprise of uncovering a new shining pair of sterling kids earrings each year.

Sterling silver earrings for little girls are easy to keep bright and shiny - just give them an occasional polish with a soft jewelry cloth and they'll always look bright and new. Built to keep up with the active lifestyle of a busy, curious child, they'll stay shining in her delicate little earlobes no matter how enthusiastically she plays. Timeless, elegant, yet still shimmering with the magic innocence of childhood, choose sterling silver stud styles for your little girl and she'll always look her best!