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Silver Baby Set

A quaint phrase from times gone by, to be "born with a silver spoon in your mouth" is an old-fashioned way of mentioning a baby was born into prosperity and comfort. That's why one of the most popular baby gifts today are silver baby sets that include silverware, rattles, or both. Made in gleaming sterling silver, these beautiful baby gifts are both elegant and charming for little hands, and ideal to grow up with and into.

Baby Shower Blessings

Want to dazzle a lucky mother-to-be at her baby shower? Skip right past the ho-hum diaper cakes and receiving blanket sets and give her a truly unique gift: a set of sterling silver presents for her little one! You have a variety of options for this thoughtful gift option, ranging from darling dainty fork and spoon sets to shiny, durable silver rattles - even a precious cup and rattle set for both playtime and dinner time. Whether your lucky recipient chooses to use it once their bundle of joy arrives or simply to use it as nursery decor, she'll always remember your good taste. (For an extra-special touch, tuck a small gift inside of the box of baby silverware or sterling baby cup to discover later - it's like two gifts in one!)

Personalized and Precious

Want to make a silver baby set even more memorable? Once it arrives, take it to your favorite engraver and have it personalized with a special quote - children's book quotes are always a great option - a birthday, or a special message of love for them to cherish forever. Long after the packaging is discarded, they'll be able to see the source of their lovely new silver baby set each time they glance at it - a sweet reminder of how much you care.

If you'd like to leave your silver gifts as they are, you might consider adding a personalized bag to your gift, as well. A simple monogrammed cloth bag is ideal for storing these precious metal baby items, and certain soft cloths will prevent tarnish and preserve a lustrous sheen in between uses. With baby care so prominent on their minds, the parents of your little gift recipient will appreciate the extra step in protecting the new gifts!

Beyond the Trends

Certain baby gifts have a very short lifespan - clothes, for example, are outgrown very quickly in the first year of baby's life. Accessories like hairbands maybe out of fashion by the time the child is old enough to wear them consistently, and shoes have the same problems as clothes in terms of growth. Silver baby sets, on the other hand, grow with the child, and are useful for many years. LIttle hands can always use silverware sized just for them, of course, and a silver cup with a handle will help at feeding time to avoid spills. W

ithout trendy colors that will quickly look "dated," a silver set ages gracefully. In addition, durable construction ensures that it can even be passed down to your recipient's children as they grow. While many baby toys and accessories are made to be outgrown, passed on, or thrown away, silver baby sets retain their value and beauty long after their user outgrows them. That's why a set of silver baby gifts isn't just a thoughtful gift now - it's a thoughtful gift in the future as well.

An Elegant, Memorable Baby Gift

If you plan on presenting a friend or loved one with a silver baby set, it's a gesture that's usually best in one-on-one get-togethers. This will allow the recipient time to appreciate and explore your gift, and other gift-givers won't feel as your gift is a hard act to follow.

While these charming sets are readily available, purchasing a sterling silver baby set and giving it to a new parent might actually intimidate fellow gift-givers at a party! It's not exactly your run-of-the-mill pacifier assortment, after all, especially if you get it engraved or present it with a few additional tokens of affection. While all baby gifts are undoubtedly welcomed by the new parents to be, sterling silver baby gift sets are in a class all their own.

If there's a new little baby girl or baby boy joining your family or friend circle, there's no better time to pick out a present that's a cut above the rest. Find the ideal sterling silver baby forks, spoons, cups, and rattles in thoughtfully-prepared gifts from Zarlex. They're lovely presented as-is, customized with engraving, or paired with the beautiful wrapping paper of your choice. Shining, classic, and beautiful, they're almost as precious as the sweet little smile of your lucky little recipient.