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Silver Baby Rattles

There are a few iconic accessories that every baby needs: an adorable pacifier, a soft blanket, and that timeless toy - the rattle. Beautiful, simple, and safe for even the smallest babies to enjoy, it makes pleasant sounds when gently shaken, encouraging your precious little one to explore. While plastic rattles are common, there's a lovely variation that's traditionally given for important events, such as baptisms and christenings: sterling silver baby rattles. The precious metal transforms a fun toy for baby into a true keepsake; one that will make an impression to last a lifetime.

A Baby Gift For All

When your recipient is newly pregnant or has decided to wait until the day of delivery to determine if their bundle of joy is a boy or a girl, buying presents can be tough. You'll want to choose a "gender neutral" gift to make sure it's a good fit for the baby, but that's a challenge even for common items like baby socks or onesies. Instead, buy a sterling silver baby rattle and watch the mom-to-be's eyes light up as she imagines her future baby playing with this elegant baby toy. Sophisticated and perfect for boys and girls, it allows you to select the perfect present without needing to peek at a single ultrasound picture.

A Gift to Last a Lifetime

A pure sterling silver baby rattle won't have any of the problems commonly seen in children's toys: it's solid on the outside, so there are no small pieces for a baby to put in their mouth. It wipes clean, so even if they're teething and putting the rattle near their mouth, bacteria or germs have nowhere to hide. It's very durable, so even if baby is being particularly enthusiastic about their sound-making play, their trusty silver rattle will live to play another day. A polish with a soft cloth now and then is all your new rattle will require to stay looking lovely and new, even decades later.

That longevity is why a silver baby rattle makes such an excellent children's gift, too. Very few toys can stand up to the rough-and-tumble nature of a growing child, often breaking or becoming unusuable in the process. Sterling baby rattles, however, pass childhood with flying colors and can even be set aside to give to the giftee's children, decades later. (Sterling silver baby rattles are actually highly sought-after antique collectibles today!)

Which Silver Baby Rattle to Choose

Sterling silver rattles are typically made with "gender neutral" patterns so that they can be given to any child to inspire delight. If you're planning on picking out a rattle to give as a baby gift, customize your presentation box, wrapping, ribbon, and card, and let the rattle speak for itself. If you want to truly delight your recipient, offer your rattle alongside another elegant gift, such as a keepsake sterling silver pacifier; a silver pacifier is intended for display, not for use, but it makes charming decor for a dresser-top or changing area in the nursery.

If you'd like to truly personalize your gift, sterling silver rattles can be engraved to incorporate a favorite quote, a birth date, or even a special message to delight the child once they're able to read. This engraving is as durable as the rattle itself, ensuring that your thoughtful message will continue to deliver warm affection as the years go by.

Plastic and rubber toys, clothing, and other baby accessories are quickly outgrown, some in as little as a year. While they still make nice gifts for babies, why not choose something more lasting? A silver baby rattle is charming to look at, perfect for babies of all ages to play with, and built to outlast both fads and the demands of childhood play. Find one of these unique gifts in our store and make your gift-giving occasion an unforgettable one - for both you and your beloved baby recipient.