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Screw Back Earrings

While they're often used for high-value precious gem earrings, screw back earrings for babies are a smart way to protect both your little one and their jewelry. Children naturally touch and play with things that are interesting and unique, which might lead to them tugging on their own earrings - particularly with a new piercing.

Why Screw Back Earrings for Children Are Best

Friction back earrings - familiar to most as a "butterfly earring back" or "standard earring back" - can come out of earlobes with a tug. This is convenient for adults dressing up for a night on the town, but not so much for babies! You don't want your child to lose their beautiful sparkling earrings due curiosity, which is why screw back styles are important.

Infant screw back earrings use a small barrel and post connection and can't be pulled off, even by determined little fingers. These earring styles use a threading that's built right into the post to stay on securely - a lifesaver for parents trying to keep earrings in place during the piercing healing process. Particularly helpful for 14k gold screw back earrings, they protect a parent's investment in fine jewelry for their beloved child.

Little Earlobes, Big Style

For elegant baby pictures, children's diamond earrings with screw backs add a special sparkle to every photograph. Much like diamond earrings for parents and older siblings, these pieces of valuable jewelry can easily become heirlooms that your child wears throughout their life. For little girls with both ears pierced, it only takes losing one earring to make the set unwearable. Screw back styles ensure you never have to risk losing a sparkling diamond stud that catches on a hair curl or baby shirt: they'll always stay right where you put them, securely in your child's ears.

Children's gold screw back earrings look great, as well: because the back screws firmly into place on the earring post, you won't have the "drooping" issues that sometimes arise with standard backs. Because the back can't migrate down the earring post, the stud-style baby earring stays centered in the earlobe so your baby always looks picture-perfect.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Gift

If a loved one or friend has recently given birth, why not give them the ultimate gift for their new arrival? Screw back diamond earrings for babies make a present as precious as their new little baby, giving them the perfect twinkling earrings for baby's piercing. Presenting them to the new mother-to-be or even at the hospital on arrival day is a thoughtful gesture they're sure to love. As many parents choose to get their baby's ears pierced while they're still newborns, your gift will be timely as well!

Giving a small, elegant jewelry box with your gift will also give the new parents a safe place to store your beautiful earrings before baby's ear piercing appointment. For an even better gift, enclose an extra pair of cheap screw back earrings in gold or silver to give them accessory options once baby's piercings have healed. They'll be able to change to an "everyday" pair and save your beautiful diamond earrings for special occasions like photos or holidays.

Baby Jewelry That Sparkles

There are few more beautiful sights than a smiling, laughing little baby with a twinkle in her eyes and her ears. Gold screw back earrings for babies with diamonds are a timeless treasure, much like the happy laughter of a toddler. Because screw back earrings for children are designed with shorter posts and smaller studs, they can grow with your child, through toddlerhood and beyond. The secure fastener style means you'll never misplace an earring at the playground or mall - your lovely pair of sparkling studs will remain intact as your child grows.

While toys and playthings are delightful gifts, few infant gifts survive the trip to adulthood, getting lost or damaged along the way. Diamond screw back earrings for infants, however, retain their value and beauty through the years, allowing the recipient to enjoy wearing them at any age. They might even choose to pass your thoughtful gift to their own children when the time comes! The legacy of pure silver or pure gold baby earrings is one that endures: through endless style trends and even through generations.

A Valuable Symbol of Priceless Love

Parents naturally want to give the very best to their children: fine clothes, nourishing food, excellent medical care. Children that are raised with this mindset inevitably grow up happier and healthier - so it's good common sense to shop for their jewelry with the same ideas in mind. Plastic and alloy metal jewelry can cause skin irritations and negative reactions against baby's sensitive skin, so if you truly want the best for your baby, invest in the best jewelry for their little ears. Screw back earring styles keep studs in place and high quality metals like 14k and 24k gold will never cause allergic reactions, as this type of metal is hypoallergenic.

Be sure to choose solid-style varieties of gold screw back earrings for infants, however. Plated and coated alloys can tarnish or rub off over time, exposing your child to those uncomfortable alloy allergy reactions. Look for the karat rating on any screw back earrings you're considering for your child, and avoid styles that use terms like "GE" (gold electroplated) or "GF" (gold filled), as these both indicate the product is not solid precious metal.

Which Will You Choose?

With so many fun, unique styles of gold screw back earrings for children available, the only limit is your imagination. Pair up a favorite little event dress with a pair of gorgeous diamond studs, or opt for a sleek gold screw back earring style to dress up her ears for day-to-day. No matter which you choose, you'll always have the peace of mind that her earrings will stay were you put them: right in the center of her tiny earlobes. While parenting doesn't come with many assurances, picking the right fine jewelry for your child will give you a rare opportunity to celebrate a "win."