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When you think of the timeless beauty of a sparkling diamond ring, you might imagine an engagement or wedding band - but those are hardly the only place a precious gem belongs. Much like the love you hold for your own children, or the children of your friends and family, diamond rings for kids are full of life and sparkle, dazzling and enchanting at every turn.

If you are considering buying a diamond ring for a baby or toddler, there are a few important things you'll need to keep in mind while shopping for a design that speaks to you. When you're ready to pick out the perfect diamond-decked gold band for your little love:

  • Always pick an adjustable style.

Babies and children grow quickly, which is why adjustable bands are always preferred when buying diamond jewelry for kids. These clever styles feature a wraparound design that can be pushed or pulled for a customized fit, keeping a child's diamond ring securely on their finger, even while playing and exploring their world.

  • Always opt for real gold.

Children have very sensitive skin that, unfortunately, is very prone to rashes and discoloration when base metal or plated jewelry is worn. Protect their skin from redness and irritation by selecting only 14k gold settings for their child size diamond ring. Not only is gold chemically inert and safe from these common skin reactions, it's also very easy to clean and won't tarnish over time, even if worn every day.

  • Select an elegant style.

Because an adjustable band will allow them to wear your thoughtful gift for years, you'll want to select a style or design that will grow along with them. Flower motifs are a very popular choice, as are simple geometric shapes.

  • Look for pavé diamond settings.

These styles use small, flush-inset diamonds for a smoother surface that won't catch and snag on clothing, hair, or toys. Excellent for the busy baby or toddler on the go, pave diamond rings for kids protect your investment as it keeps your selected ring sparkling and beautiful.

  • Buy from a trustworthy jeweler.

As with adult jewelry, you'll want to be sure that the jewelry dealer you buy from has a proven track record with authentic gold jewelry for children. That way, you'll know that each twinkling diamond is the real deal, and the rich yellow glow of 14k gold ring settings is one that's both authentic and timeless.

Are Diamond Rings for Children Safe?

In short, absolutely! However, when purchasing diamond jewelry for kids, sizing matters! If you attempt to give them an adult-sized piece, chances are it will quickly fall off and become lost. Adjustable rings ensure that your keepsake is always where it should be - on their finger - rather than accidentally dropped. Because the wearer and / or her parent can adjust the fit, it will also remain comfortable and non-binding. These rings are also a smart investment over time, because they can be worn throughout childhood and even into young adulthood by simply adjusting the fit with a squeeze.

Closed-band style rings can be dangerous for little fingers, particularly if they injure their hands in some way - a swollen finger can make closed band ring removal very difficult. Adjustable bands, on the other hand, can simply be opened to remove the piece when necessary, keeping your child stylish and safe. A smart choice when it comes to diamond rings for babies and toddlers, these open-ended designs look beautiful as well.

Kids' diamond rings are completely safe, both in terms of skin-safe precious metal as well as design. They hold value as heirloom collectables, and they each feature a modern design that will never go out of style. If you'd like to buy a child a present they'll remember and cherish throughout their life, one that glitters and sparkles as only real gold and diamonds can. From the moment she slips your beautiful ring on her tiny hand, she'll feel just like the princess you've always known she is.