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Children's Birthstone Rings

Nothing is more special than the day your child - or the child of a loved one - enters the world and opens their beautiful eyes for the very first time. You'll want to remember that special moment forever, and now you can with special birthstone rings for children. These lovely 14k gold rings are perfectly designed to appeal to the innocent, playful nature of little girls, adorned with flowers and special sparkling gems that correspond to their birth month.

You won't even need to wait to adorn their little fingers with precious heirloom jewelry. Unlike traditional gold birthstone rings for babies, these adjustable styles use a unique spiral design that can be gently squeezed closed for a custom fit that's both comfortable and beautiful on their tiny hands. Every time they reach for a favorite toy or raise their arms for a hug from a loved one, the light will catch the beautiful birthstone children's ring they're wearing, and you'll remember those first precious moments all over again.

Why Choose Birthstone Children's Rings?

As any parent can attest, children keep their loved ones very busy! Maintaining their everyday accessories like clothes and shoes can be a job all by itself, which is why choosing durable, beautiful gold birthstone rings for little girls is such a smart choice. Not only will gold never tarnish or discolor, it keeps its beautiful luster year after year.

As she grows up, she won't have to leave her new favorite jewelry behind, either: a little tug on the spiral design opens the band up so it fits her perfectly all throughout childhood. You won't have to worry about clasps breaking or rings being outgrown: these pretty pieces are made to go the distance and to stand up to the wear and tear of the playground and beyond.

How Do I Choose a Girls' Birthstone Ring?

Each birthstone is determined by the baby's date of birth - January babies, for example, would receive a garnet birthstone ring as a present, while a December-born child would receive a style that uses zircon. Each month has its own delightful birthstone, each infused with special meaning to commemorate the wearer's birthday. You might opt for genuine children's birthstone rings for your baby, or browse crystal styles that mimic the appropriate color, but in either case make sure you choose pure gold settings.

Some rings for children use base metals, plating, or electroplating, which may look shiny but will quickly wear away and leave unsightly discoloration behind. Even worse, they may use nickel in their bands and settings, which can cause skin irritation or rashes on childrens' sensitive skin. Precious metals are the safest way to avoid these issues in birthstone rings for children, and an adjustable 14k gold band gives your child that added peace of mind.

The Test of Time

One of the best benefits of selecting a high quality birthstone ring for your child is that it isn't a fad or a "throwaway" accessory. Built to last and made to be worn every day if your child would like to, it can be adjusted throughout childhood to ensure it's never too tight or too loose on their fingers. That means that you won't have to worry about your beautiful baby birthstone ring going missing by mistake after a playdate. The rounded band is easy for little ones to wear and will never pinch the way squared-off styles might, and the birthstone story will help them remember their birthday as a part of early learning.

Any little girl will love her "special treasure" ring, customized just for her birth month. She'll feel like a little princess and, once you explain the meaning behind the special stone, she's sure to want to show it off every chance she gets! She might outgrow those cute little holiday dresses and adorable shoes, but she'll be wearing her special new ring for many years to come, thanks to the adjustable 14k band.

A Gift to Remember

If your loved ones are expecting, have recently given birth, or have a child with a milestone birthday coming up, buying a child's birthstone ring is a thoughtful touch they'll love. With a gorgeous center stone that celebrates their special little one's arrival, they'll love the hypoallergenic gold material to keep their child safe, and the adjustable feature that keeps the ring where it should be: comfortably in place on their daughter's hand. The fun, pretty designs of these gold birthstone rings for children make them as much fun for the littlest recipient to receive as you'll have presenting it to her parents.

Pair your beautiful new gift with a jewelry box for an all-in-one gift, or buy a matching pair of birthstone earrings or a birthstone necklace to make a complete set. Giving her a special place to keep her new ring when she isn't wearing it will ensure that it stays safe and ready to give to her own beloved children one day. An accessorizing dream in gold and glittering gems, buying a birthstone ring for a special little girl in your life is a gift-giving must for birthdays, holidays, special occasions and so much more.