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Children's 14K gold earrings

Why Choose 14k Gold Earrings for Kids?

Finding the right jewelry for babies, toddlers, or young children can be challenging - fads and trends make novelty earrings an "iffy" choice, and more elegant adult earrings aren't yet suitable for little ones. More and more parents and loved ones are choosing 14k gold earrings for children as gifts, for multiple reasons:

  • They're Hypoallergenic - Even though it seems kids are nearly invincible when they're out on the playground roughhousing, they have very sensitive skin when they're younger - particularly as infants and toddlers. That means a lot of the earrings intended for kids aren't actually suitable - they're made with base metals and metal alloys that use nickle - a common culprit for rashes, redness, and itchiness on little earlobes. Even if your child hasn't shown signs of an allergy yet, it doesn't mean they won't develop a nickle sensitivity - it's best to stick to hypoallergenic earring materials like 14 karat gold, which won't tarnish or irritate their skin.
  • They're Versatile - Children's 14k gold earrings are typically yellow in color, but their metallic hue makes them a great everyday pair for your child to wear. Equally lovely with a casual romper or used as an accessory to more formal "picture day" type of outfits, they give busy parents a break from trying to accessorize and match their child's outfit every day. One pair of earrings can do so much!
  • They're Suitable Over Time - The clothes your child wears now are unlikely to fit them in a year - even a few months, depending on your child's stage of development. As you struggle to keep up with new size and styles in everything from shoes to hats for your little one, you can rest assured that their jewelry will age along with them without a problem. 14k gold earrings are beautiful at any age, which means the same pair of dainty gold stud earrings you purchase for your baby will look beautiful on her as she grows into a young woman - never childish or outdated. Gold earrings have been worn throughout history for a very good reason - they're always stylish!
  • They're Excellent "First" Earrings - If you plan on getting your baby or toddler's ears pierced, using a precious metal for their first pair of earrings is a smart choice. 14k baby earrings won't tarnish or react to baby's delicate skin, which means that your child's new piercings can heal properly. You've got enough on your mind with a new baby - you shouldn't have to worry about an ear piercing reaction too. When you "go gold" for your baby's first pair of earrings, you can enjoy lasting peace of mind.
  • They Make Great Gifts - Giving gifts to a new family is a thoughtful gesture of love and friendship. Some new parents, however, find themselves overwhelmed with multiples of popular presents - too many car seats, strollers, even bottles. 14k gold earrings for babies, however, are an upscale gift that doesn't often make it onto a registry, giving you the perfect opportunity. If you know the new parents are planning on piercing their baby girl's ears, your beautifully-presented pair of 14k gold earrings will be an unexpected and delightful surprise.

Picking The Right Pair of 14k Baby Earrings

As you might imagine, picking jewelry for children is - much like selecting jewelry for adults - a very personalized process. You'll need to ask yourself a few questions to determine the right style for your child or an intended gift recipient:

  • How old is the child? While toddlers can wear just about any earring styles made for children, babies have special considerations to keep in mind. You'll want to select a style of gold earring with a "screw back" closure. Unlike the more familiar friction backs, which are the curlique/butterfly back styles found on most women's earrings, a screw back keeps the earring more firmly in place. Little hands can be very curious, after all, and a screw back gold earring for babies will keep earrings where they belong: comfortably in the baby's ears.
  • How active is the child? A baby that is mostly carried or resting in a crib doesn't have the same movement concerns as an active toddler, earring-wise. For babies, styles with loops in the design might work well, but for a toddler that is constantly playing with their hair or pulling clothing off and on, there might be a snagging risk. For toddlers, smooth styles like 14k ball studs are an excellent choice, both for their physical comfort and the "mental comfort" of their parents.
  • Should I get multiple pairs? If you anticipate your child or recipent wearing the earrings often, it might be a good idea to get multiple pairs. If gift-giving, you can even make a pretty jewelry box a part of your overall gift to keep "back up" pairs safe and sound. As the child grows, she'll be able to add more of her favorite jewelry to the box for safekeeping, as well.
  • How should I keep baby's earrings clean? If you are purchasing a pair of 14k baby earrings, you may also want to invest in a soft polishing cloth to keep body oils or sweat from dulling the beautiful golden shine of the earrings. While this step isn't absolutely necessary, many parents like to keep their baby's lovely earrings looking their best for events like family gatherings or holiday pictures.

No matter which gold earrings you select for your baby, they're sure to love them - as will everyone else what sees your beautiful child so beautifully accessorized. Gold earrings are safe for babies, retain value and versatility over time, and look lovely against any skin tone, making them the perfect present to your baby girl or a loved one's child. If you've been considering buying a pair of gold earrings for children, there's never been a better time to find the perfect pair!