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Best Earrings for Kids

What are the Best Earrings for Children?

There are few things more precious than an adorable child with a precious earring twinkling in their ear. If you’d like to accessorize your beloved son or daughter with a pair of beautiful earrings, you may wonder which style is most suitable for them. While fashion alone dictates which jewelry an adult would wear, a piece of jewelry for a child must also be correctly sized and have a few important safety features as well. The right newborn earrings not only look charming, your baby can wear them in complete comfort too.

If you’re presenting newborn earrings as a gift to a new mother, you’re making an excellent choice. For the best results, stick to something simple and elegant - a tiny pure gold bead style, or a little sparkling stone - ideally with the baby’s birthstone in it for an extra customized touch. For a complete gift, you could even tuck a gift certificate for a local piercer in box with your gold baby earrings: the new mother will be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Deciding Which Newborn Earrings You’d Like

Just as you’d find with styles intended for parents, gold earrings for kids come in a variety of styles to suit your tastes. Here are five popular types you should consider when selecting a pair of earrings for your child:

  • Plain, traditional infant earring styles like ball-tipped studs
  • Child earrings with glittering stones or colorful precious gems
  • Baby Earring styles that use tiny shapes like anchors or flowers
  • Dangling “French Hook” style baby girl earrings with simple charms

You will need to keep the same earrings in your child’s ears for a specific period of time to heal after a piercing is performed. Once they’re healed, however, it’s a good idea to pick up a variety of baby earring styles to mix and match to their outfits. Imagine how sweet your little girl will look in holiday pictures with tiny bows in her ears, or at her birthday party with colorful studs that match her party dress. Earrings let you add a perfect finishing touch to your child’s carefully-planned outfits.

What to Look for in Gold Earrings for Kids

The best earrings for kids will be made of true precious metals - solid gold or silver, not plated or coated varieties. Choosing pure silver or pure gold earrings will ensure your child won’t have allergic reactions to metals like nickel or alloys. Your smart choices in earring materials will keep them comfortable and stylish too.

When selecting gold earrings for babies or toddler earrings, gold is an excellent choice as it doesn’t tarnish or require upkeep beyond basic hygiene. The best earrings for babies will also have safety backs, which will prevent them from pulling the earrings out during their normal day of play. You’ll want to select a pair of earrings specifically made for children, as well.

These will be appropriately sized for a child’s earlobe; simply choosing a small adult earring might cause a problem with long posts poking your child uncomfortably. When something hurts or irritates a child, they will naturally try to remove it or take it off, which is why it’s in your best interests to buy gold baby earrings with safety backs that are just the right fit for your little one’s ears.

How to Use Gold Earrings for Kids

Consult with your piercing professional of choice before deciding on your toddler or baby’s first set of earrings - in many cases you can use the pure gold baby earrings of your choice for the piercing itself. Because pediatricians recommend waiting at least 6 weeks post-piercing to change the earrings your baby is wearing, this is a great opportunity to make sure she’s wearing a beautiful style while she heals up. Again, it’s very important to use only real gold - not plated, electroplated, or alloy gold “tone” earrings, as these can cause skin irritations and interfere with the piercing healing up and staying healthy.

Once your baby’s piercing is completed, follow the piercer’s instructions for cleaning and upkeep - typically they’ll involve gently spinning the earrings in place at least once a day, and gently swabbing around the base of the earring with a warm, wet cloth or Q-tip before drying them well. Because gold earrings for children don’t rust or tarnish, you can rest assured your baby doesn’t just look good - her earlobes will be happy and healthy, too!

How Do I Find Gold Earrings for Children?

As with any accessory or toy, purchasing gold earrings for babies and toddlers must be done with ample research. Select a business that specializes in pure gold earrings and offers a variety of styles; this is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting a high quality design. Make sure the earrings they offer are advertised specifically as earrings for children - as previously mentioned, the earring posts on adult earrings are too long for smaller earlobes and can poke and stick uncomfortably.

Buying online allows you to browse styles at your leisure, and offers excellent prices for new parents or family members that want to purchase several styles at once. An internet presence also adds extra credibility to the gold baby earrings of your choice - you’ll have a customer service contact for any questions or recommendations.

No matter which style of gold earrings for babies appeal to you, choosing real gold or real silver for your design is the right choice. They’re beautiful, and much like the children that will be wearing them, they’ll grow more lovely and precious as time goes on.